Tom & Lisa Music

from blues to bluegrass and a whole lot more!

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Lisa Shaw (vocals, keyboard and guitar) and Tom Hashagen (vocals, guitar and mandolin) have been making music together for over three decades in various configurations. Their musical strength lies in the ability to tailor their sound to varied audiences, providing surprising and interesting interpretations of classic standards from the blues, bluegrass, rock, folk and jazz genres. You'll recognize many of the selections they perform, but they also tend to dig a bit deeper for obscure and "B-side" songs you probably won't hear that often.  They perform as a duo and also as a trio, quartet or quintet, collaborating with Doug Broder, bass, Henry Goode Jr., bass, Dan Skabeikis, violin, Steve Uh, violin and Alberto Benjolea, guitar.

Tom and Lisa are also privileged to serve on the music team at Grace Presbyterian Church in Watermill.

For a list of upcoming gigs, plus a list of past shows, go to the "gigs" link at the top of this page.