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Beware of Scammers! Scammers Beware!

So I thought now, towards the end of a busy music season, I would upgrade my axe.  I've had the D'Angelico for a couple of years, but it's a little heavy and I ain't gettin' any younger.  I had my sights on a Gibson 339, with those classic '57 humbuckers. I don't do a lot of selling online, but I have on occasion used Craigslist and Reverb, having success with the latter only.  I did find the EXDC on Craigslist, so I thought "OK, I'll post it on both!"  Within hours of the Craigslist posting, in fact, while I was still doing the Reverb ad, I got a hit!  "Yahoo!  Success!"

The text gave me an email and we started communicating.  The buyer was so happy to have this guitar for his son, he was willing to pay an extra $100 just to have first dibs!  Only thing was, he was on a ship in the middle of the Great Lakes or something, and he'd have to send me the funds, plus an extra $650 for his "shipping agent" which I would then wire transfer via Western Union to the "agent" who would then arrange pickup.  

My BS meter started to buzz.  I asked the buyer why he wouldn't let me ship it to him for $30?  And could I call him to discuss?  Nope, he couldn't take phone calls.  All he wanted was my PayPal email and he would transfer the funds.  I supplied him with the email for PayPal, but then as my BS meter started buzzing louder, I googled "Craigslist PayPal scams" and up popped a list of warning signs that included nearly everything I had heard from the buyer.

"No Deal" I texted back.  "WHATDOYOUMEAN.??!! was the reply.  "You're a scammer, I'm on to you and you're in trouble".  I then saw something on the PayPal site where I could report suspicious emails, and PayPal has since informed me that the email I received was linked to a fake website, and that their investigation was continuing.

THEN I got a hit from the Reverb site with an offer, I counter offered, he accepted, and I sat back to wait for the funds to be transfered to my PayPal account while I gleefully started shopping for a Gibson 339.  THEN I got another hit form the Craigslist posting that seemed legitimate, but I told him the guitar had been sold.  I told him that if the sale fell through, he would be first in line.

in the meantime, I still hasn't gotten paid from the Reverb guy, and I was getting suspicious about him too.  I called Reverb and it turns out this guy had accepted offers on two other items, with no payment, and Reverb was reviewing this potential buyer.  Very quickly they removed him from the  approved buyers, and then re-listed the guitar.  So now I contact the other Craigslist guy who then informs me he has to send me a certified bank check so his "mover" can come pick it up.

My BS  meter immediately goes to full alert.  I inform said buyer that the only way I will accept payment is via PayPal through Reverb.  I never hear from him again.

Bottom line?  The guitar is still for sale, and after three illegitimate buyers I am so much the wiser.

So to all who read this, beware of scammers!  If they start talking "wire transfer" or "moving company" or "agent" or "certified check" or if in any other way the deal seems to good to be true, it probably is!

And if you're a scammer, I've got your number, and PayPal and Reverb have got my back!,

Mike Marshall and Darol Anger at Bay Street October 13!

After years of producing shows using other people's money, we've decided at this point in the game to try one using our own - what little we have anyway! It's exciting and scary, but we've booked the artists, rented the venue, gotten the insurance, reserved the rooms and now are finally in the promotion stage.  Mike Marshall and Darol Anger, two of the planet's most accomplished virtuosos, will be appearing for one night only at the Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor on Friday, October 13, at 8:00 pm.

It was fortunate for me that when I was first learning how to play mandolin in the early eighties, that a friend put together a series of three cassette tapes with the most amazing collection of acoustic music.  I was introduced to the Seldom Scene, Tony Rice, Tim Ware, Jethro Burns and, probably most influentially, David Grisman.  I was just slack-jawed listening to a type of music I had never heard before, a combination of alternative/bluegrass, bossa nova and jazz, played with the utmost precision, style and class.  The groundbreaking 1977 album, the David Grisman Quintet, included Darol Anger on violin, and soon afterwards Mike Marshall joined the band, playing mandolin, guitar and violin.  

After nearly forty years, these two phenomenally talented instrumentalists have continually taken acoustic music into uncharted territory, with the Grammy Award nominated Turtle Island String Quartet, Montreux, Psychograss, Choro Famoso and the Republic of Strings.  I would go on to list their individual and collective accomplishments, but I don't have the days of time it would take!  To watch these two perform onstage, communicating through their instruments in a genre they helped to invent, is nothing short of breathtaking.  Check out this video of Borealis just to get an idea of what in in store for their concert that happens on Friday October 13 at Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor. You can find out much more about the concert and by tickets here!

Hopefully this will become a slot similar where we can feature similar world class artists on a semi-regular basis, but first we have to pack the house!  

We Love America.......and Grindstone Donuts!

You might think we've gone over the edge, playing at a donut shop, but hey, this is Sag Harbor, where over-the-edge people like us fit right in!  I walked in and spoke with Kyle last week, and told him that we promoted Grindstone's products whenever we played out, so might he be interested in a little cross-marketing?  Better that that, he suggested we set up and play guitar and mandolin outside his shop on Fourth of July Weekend, and of course we would get free coffee and donuts so.........yeah, we're doin' it!  We saw it as a good opportunity to promote our upcoming gig at Baron's Cove on Tuesday, and to meet the early morning holiday weekend coffee-and-donut crowd.  

In other news, we just picked up our first gig at the newly renovated Buoy One in Westhampton, this coming Friday, July 7, from 6:30 - 9:30 pm!  Turns out that when we stopped by for dinner last Thursday, Caitlin, a bartender from the Coast Grill who also happens to work at Buoy One, recognized us and told us to put in our chit to play there, so we did and....ta-da!  So with gigs and also producing the first of Sylvester Manor's summer Creekside Concerts, featuring the amazing Jim Hurst Trio on Sunday July 9, we'll be pretty busy right up until we take off for two weeks in Paris.  Wait....Paris? Yep, as the result of another fortuitous turn of events, we'll be spending 16 days in the Twelfth Arrondissement, arriving on Bastille Day and staying long enough to see the finish of the Tour de France!  Personally, I just want to eat baguettes, croissants, sample some excellent French red wine and play with the street musicians in the Jewish quarter.  

Did I think retirement was going to be this much fun?  No way!  I'll try to blog a bit from France, but stop by here every once in a while, and get in on the good times!

Oh, and by the way, no matter what we hear or read in the media, we still live in the best country in the world!  Happy Fourth of July! 

A bit of patriotic trivia- Did you know that Thomas Jefferson and John Adams both died within hours of each other on July 4, 1826, the fiftieth anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence?


God is good! A Music Festival for the Kingdom!

Want to hear some great music and support an excellent cause?  Come to Grace Presbyterian Church in Watermill on Saturday June 10 for their first-ever music festival and help send 20 kids and five adults to Belize on a mission trip!  A great lineup of local talent, including the Inda Eaton, the Chrome Pilots and four more bands (including us!) will rock God's house to raise funds to pay for this worthy endeavor.  There will also be a food truck, silent auction and more!

Tickets are $25 and you can find out all the info here